February 1, 2017

Your First Visit to Kite Street Dental

Patient getting her regular dental check up done

Your First Visit to Kite Street Dental

For a lot of people it has been a long time since they have seen a dentist. At Kite Street Dental we understand this and having been in Orange for over 30 years, we have seen it all. In this blog post we would like to run you through what is involved in your first check up and clean and the things we check for and focus on.

55524401 - patient getting her regular dental check up done

1 – A bit about you

There is an old adage in Medicine that you never treat a stranger and this is something we focus on at our practice as well. Our patient history form is the starting point for us to find out a bit about you. Some personal details are obviously required but we would also like to know about your medical history as well as past dental experiences. A lot of patients do not realize the impact a lot of their medicines have on their mouths. Heart medication can affect your gums, bone medication can affect the way your jaw heals and certain medical procedures may affect the way we carry out your treatment so if in doubt – write it down. We also like to hear about your past dental experiences, the good and the bad, so we can make the experience as pleasant as possible for you. Every patient is different and all of these factors help us make sure from the outset we can provide you with the best possible experience

2. The check up

While checking your teeth for holes is important there are a number of other things we are also checking when we get you to open your mouth. Firstly, we focus on the teeth looking for decay, cracks, broken fillings, wear facets or areas you might be brushing too hard. Then we check the gums for signs of infection or gum disease as well as areas you might not be brushing well enough. We also check your soft tissues (tongue, cheeks, lips, palate) for any signs of oral cancer or skin lesions. We also look at your bite relationship and signs of grinding and clenching.

3. X-rays

There is a lot that we can see just by looking in your mouth but X-rays help us see the rest. They help us see any early signs of decay and changes underneath any previous dental work you’ve had done. They also let us see any changes to the bone and supporting structures around your teeth as well as the start of infections/abscesses forming at the base of the tooth.

4. The Clean

A professional clean is a vital part of keeping your teeth healthy. Almost every patient that sits in the chair will have some bacteria building up on some part of their teeth. Like setting a good foundation before you build a house removing this bacteria at the outset and getting your gums healthy sets a great foundation for any further dental work you may need.

We hope this gives you some insight into the way we work and as always if you have any questions feel free to drop us a line on our facebook or via email. Alternatively give the girls on the front desk a call on 6362 8770 – they are only too happy to chat.

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