March 10, 2017

Wedding Season! – Great Smiles!

Kite Street Dental Wedding Season

Wedding season is well and truly in full swing! Over the past few months we have had a number of patients coming in to freshen their smile up for their or someone close’s special day. For this week’s blog post we thought we would quickly run through some of the treatments we offer at Kite Street Dental to have you smiling your best.

Kite Street Dental Wedding Season

Kite Street Dental Wedding Season

Start with the basics

It is amazing how quickly stains from things like tea, coffee and red wine can build up. The first point of call to freshen up your smile is always a good clean and polish. This helps to remove any stains from the outside of your teeth as well as a good chance to talk through what other strategies we can use to give you the smile you want.

Lets go whiter

You only have to take a short walk down the healthcare aisle at the supermarket to see a whole range of whitening products. We see a number of patients dissatisfied with the results they achieve with over the counter products. The main reason for this is that to be eligible to be sold without a dental consultation, the concentration of whitening agents is so low that they simply are not strong enough to achieve any significant changes to tooth colour. Our preferred method is to provide you with customized trays that fit your mouth specifically. This allows us to give you a stronger whitening gel that can be isolated to the teeth themselves and thus avoid causing damage to surrounding gums and soft tissues.

I need the full works

A big occasion in your life is often motivation for people to undertake more extensive treatment to give them the smile they have always wanted for their special day.  If your concern is crooked teeth then procedures like Invisalign (clear retainers) or Fastbraces can help us straighten them whilst maintaining a natural appearance. Fastbraces can now provide you with straight teeth in as little as 120 days – well in time for the Wedding Season!

If you have gaps or are missing teeth then procedures like crowns, bridges and dental implants can help to fill missing spaces and change the shape and appearance of problem areas. Treatment times for these procedures are often a lot shorter than people expect but we still recommend coming in for a consult at least 6 months before the big day so we have plenty of time to consider all the options that would be best to get your desired outcome.

As always if you have any questions or want to talk about any of these points further – drop us a line! If you want to book in for a clean or a consult just give the girls a call at 02 6362 8770.


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