June 23, 2016

Teeth Bleaching Orange


Teeth Bleaching: Looking Your Best Just Got Easier!

Even the brightest smiles can darken over time and slowly fade away. Tobacco, tea, coffee, wine and soft drinks can gradually stain and discolour your teeth, robbing them of their lustrous shine.

Thanks to Kite Street Dental’s take-home whitening kits, you can undo years of yellowing in a just a few weeks. We will prepare a full set of impressions of your upper and lower teeth, and then create customized bleaching trays for you to use in the comfort of your own home. All you need to do is to fill them with the special whitening solution that we’ll give you and wear them for a short period each day. You should start to see a noticeable improvement in your smile in as little as seven to ten days.

Feel Better, More Confident

It’s hard to light up a room with your smile if your teeth have become faded and yellow. If you’ve got a wedding, class reunion or big business presentation coming up, you might want a teeth whitening procedure to work its magic.
Male or female, winning smiles can open doors at work and at play. Whether you’re 28 or 82, a whiter, brighter smile will always boost your confidence, improve your smile, and make your feel better about yourself. It will leave you looking younger, healthier and more vibrant. Then, when your friends ask you what you’ve done to look so great…did you get a new haircut? lose a few pounds? get a new wardrobe? You can just smile, knowing you look as good as you feel.

What You Can Expect from Teeth Whitening?

After a professional examination, we will give your teeth a routine cleaning. If you prefer an in-surgery whitening procedure, we will use non-invasive procedures that are simple, safe and painless. A tasteless material is then applied to your gums to protect them from possible irritation by the bleaching agent. This is followed by a whitening gel applied to the teeth. Oxygen is then released from the gel through exposure to a specially designed light, stripping away unsightly stains. The result is a dramatically younger-looking smile!

Do any of the following apply to you?

Tired of walking into parties unnoticed?
Constantly let down by not getting any likes on your selfies?
Do household pets run away when you smile?

Maybe it’s time to stop by Kite Street Dental and let us give you that bright and beautiful smile you’ve always wanted!

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