October 31, 2016

Orange Wine Festival October 14-30





This weekend scores of wine lovers will be diving head first into all the Orange wine scene has to offer as Orange Wine Week 2016 kicks off with a bang. Whilst it is one of our favourite times of year we appreciate that teeth are probably the last thing on people’s minds as they sip on a smooth glass of merlot. So just a few quick reminders…


Oops! We have a problem.


With so many delicious wines on offer we appreciate how easy it can be to slightly over indulge – and unfortunately that’s when accident happens. Whether it be a chipped tooth, a filling fallen out or worse – don’t let it ruin your weekend! At Kite St Dental we over an emergency dental line – drop us a line, leave a message and one of our experienced dentists will call you back to help.


Red, Red Wine!


We all love a good glass of red. The last thing we want though is for your friends to start noticing you’ve had a big week on the shiraz with dark stained teeth! Once you’ve hung your drinking hat up for the week – why not book in to freshen that smile right back up. There are plenty of options to polish and clean wine stains off teeth – or even take the opportunity to talk through our range of whitening options to have your smile back at its best!


I swear it’s the cheese!


It’s easy to blame red wine and cheese for bad breath. Whilst these can definitely be a factor – there are many other causes most of which can be easily fixed with a trip to the dentist!



As the dust settles on another wine week let us make sure you breath is fresh, teeth are glowing and you’ve made it through the week without any issues! We hope you get to enjoy all our lovely town has to offer and most importantly… Bottoms up!


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